As an Artist, I build each of miniature guitar here in Florida.

These !:4 scale miniature guitars are 10” tall, replicas from the guitars played by the legendary guitarists. The miniature guitar is made of recycled wood pallets, which is free, good for environment, dry, and won’t crack under any extreme temperature conditions.

The miniatures are very detailed from the smooth wood finished carving and air brush painting. It includes all hardware accessories like tuning pegs, bridges, pickups, frets and strings that are made of fiber resin, metal wire and plastic.

These miniature guitars replicas are non-playable.

To make these collectible items more appealing to the music lovers, I have introduced the Guitar Picture Frames (5”x7”) Collectible, with matching to photos of each guitarist and miniature guitar attached to the side of the frames.

And for more high-end music novelties, I have paired a high quality 8" x 10" glossy photo of legendary guitarists with a matching 10” miniature guitar replica. The entire three-dimensional piece of Guitar Shadow Box Collectible measures 16" x 20", 1” thickness wooden frame and double matted. I also take the custom order from the collectors who provide their own pictures.